Teacher Training Practicum 24 AUG 2023

Teacher Training Practicum 24 AUG 2023

Teacher Training Practicum 24 AUG 2023





Helle Laursen & Laura Bassi
Kosten: € 925

Costs: € 925

Start:  Thursday Aug 24  7.00 pm CET - 9.30 pm CET
Dates Aug: 24, 31 | Sept: 7, 14, 21, 28 | Oct: 5, 12, 19, 26


The TTP is step 2 of Becoming a Trained Teacher. It is an opportunity for a group of up to 16 teachers-in-training to practice their new-found teaching skills in a safe, structured, online environment facilitated by two Certified MSC Teachers/TTP Trainers. Each week focuses on a single MSC session and all trainees come prepared to teach each session in its entirety just as you would prepare a whole class if you were teaching your own group.

Please note that this represents a considerable time investment! Trainees are then assigned to lead the various practices, topics and exercises of that session, with periods of feedback and discussion – so no one trainee will be teaching the entire class, usually at most just one piece each session but preparing the whole class is invaluable learning and preparation for becoming an MSC Teacher and is an integral part of the Practicum training.

The TTP provides new teachers with a “laboratory” to find their own voices and to continue to practice what they learned during the Residential/Live Online Teacher Training course, with time between each session to review, prepare and reflect on the process of teaching MSC.

Once you signed up for the Teacher Training program, you can also register for the Teacher Training Practicum of your choice.

Cost: € 925
❖ 10 weekly sessions, 2.5 hours each
❖ Total contact time: 25 hours